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e-Scripts - all you need to know

What is an electronic prescription?

An e-script replaces the piece of paper that we have known for 100 years with an electronic version.

What is the benefit of an e-script?

● You’ll never lose your scripts

● You can order in advance to save time

● All your scripts can live in the one place (your digital script wallet)

How does my doctor give me my e-script?

Your doctor will ask how you want to receive your e-script. Either by SMS or by email.

How can I see my e-script?

From the SMS or email from your doctor, following the link will take you to a token – a QR code. This is your prescription. This can be sent to or scanned at the pharmacy.

What if I don’t want to use an e-script?

You can still choose to receive a paper prescription. Your doctor will ask you as he or she is writing the prescription.

How do I fill my e-script?

● You can present the token at the pharmacy

● You can SMS the script to the pharmacy ahead of time and have it ready when you turn up

● You can email the script to the pharmacy and have it ready when you turn up

● You can send the script to a digital script wallet (e.g. Medadvisor or PharmacyLink) and order your script through that app.

Who can access my e-script?

When an e-script is written, it is sent directly to you. You may forward it to your agent or to your pharmacy.

How do I give my e-script to my partner so they can collect my medicine?

You can forward a copy of the token to your agent via email or SMS. The pharmacist will confirm you have consented to fill the script on their behalf.

The digital script wallets (MedAdvisor or PharmacyLink) have carer mode so you can look after other family members in the one place.

Do I need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions?

No, you do not need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions, but you do need a Medicare or DVA card.

Is the e-script system secure?

e-Scripts meet a high level of privacy and security. Your e-script is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone without your consent.

What happens if I accidentally delete the email or SMS that contains a new e-script?

Contact your GP to cancel the e-script and request a new one. They may send you a new token.

If you have accidentally deleted your repeat token, the pharmacist that previously dispensed the e-script can reissue the most recent repeat token for that medicine.

That could mean a lot of tokens!

Yes, you will get a separate token for each medication you are prescribed. For this reason, we recommend managing them using a digital script app, like MedAdvisor or PharmacyLink

How can I get one of these apps?

Simply download once of them from the App Store or Google Play and follow the prompts. You may need to contact your pharmacy to link your prescription records to the app – something you can do during your next visit.

How do I order my e-script via an app?

Once you have registered your app with the pharmacy, your e-scripts (both originals and repeats) will be visible in your phone.

You can order your prescription through tap-to-refill on the app and arrange home delivery or pick up.

Your prescription now lives in the app, so it can be dispensed without physically bringing the script to the pharmacy.

What about paper scripts?

Your paper scripts will continue to be valid. By using a digital script wallet on an app, all your prescription records can live in one secure place (under this system your paper scripts can live securely in the pharmacy and you can access them through the app).


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