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Looking after your skin during winter

As the colder months arrive humidity departs and this often leads to dry, itchy skin. Sometimes this is referred to as “Winter Itch”. While it may seem hard to keep the skin hydrated in these months it is far from impossible. Below are our top tips for keeping your skin hydrated during the dryer months.

- Avoid long baths or showers in excessively hot water- Over washing in heated water can strip the skin of its natural oils. Opt for quicker lukewarm showers and baths to protect your skin.

- Avoid soap where possible - as with hot water, the chemicals in soap strip the skin of its natural protective oils. Choose mild, natural, pH Balanced and fragrance-free washes or soap substitutes.

- Moisturise- Moisturisers help maintain the existing oils in the skin. By moisturising immediately after bathing you help supplement the natural oils within your skin. Choose creams and ointments before lotions – they last longer. You can speak to your pharmacists about the best option for you.

- Consider a humidifier- Adding moisture to your local environment will give you that extra advantage in avoiding dry, itchy skin.

More serious symptoms such as cracking, weeping and oozing and extreme itchiness may need additional treatment. Ask your pharmacist or consider a visit to your GP.

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