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Capital Chemist

Capital Chemist Established in 1978, Capital Chemist has grown with Canberra and now has twenty-one outlets in Canberra, twenty in New South Wales, one in Queensland and seven in Tasmania.
Capital Chemist is wholly-owned by like-minded pharmacists dedicated to providing quality pharmaceutical and ancillary services to their clients.
The partnership, the largest private pharmacy grouping of its kind in Australia, attributes its success to a very clear focus on what community pharmacy does best, that is, the provision of primary health care. Apart from dispensing over a million prescriptions each year, Capital Chemist have a number of specialty areas of practice such Home Medication Reviews, Diabetes Australia agencies and Webster packaging.
Because of the buying power of the partnership, Capital Chemist is able to offer very competitive pricing, and a wide range of products and services such as the hiring of medical equipment.
Capital Chemist prides itself on the enthusiasm and friendliness of its well-trained staff. All our stores have full accreditation under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Federal Government sponsored Quality Care Pharmacy Program. This is your assurance that each and every Capital Chemist meets very exacting standards which are constantly monitored and upgraded.
We invite you to call into your local Capital Chemist the next time you need to visit a pharmacy and experience that special Capital Chemist Care.

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