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What to pack in your hospital bag

There is no right way to pack your hospital bag, but for any first time mothers wondering what on earth you will need ahead of this never-before-experienced event, we have put together a handy list to help you out.

1. Your birth plan

For 9 months you have waited for this moment, imagined how it will go, planned your perfect labour and breathing techniques… write it all down, and make sure you pack it somewhere so your birthing partner can easily find it during labour to give to your midwives and obstetrician.

2. Comfortable clothes for labour and after birth

Loose fittings dresses, comfy t-shirts or baggy pants are perfect for during labour and throughout your hospital stay. Don’t even think about packing your pre-pregnancy jeans… It’s likely they won’t fit, but also… no one wants to be that uncomfortable!

3. Your camera

This could be used by your birthing partner during the labour and/or birth – set the ground rules beforehand - but you’ll definitely need it for those first few precious snaps taken just after your little one has joined you.

4. Snacks

During labour you might get hungry (who knows - but Dad might be hungry too); perhaps you’ll be a little peckish at a random hour of the night while stuck under your new baby soaking up all the cuddles. Give yourself a snack that will tide you over until breakfast is served!

5. A nursing bra (or two).

Other mothers will tell you they now live in these. Perfect for no-fuss breastfeeding. Especially if you have visitors.

6. Toiletries

Just the simple basics will do, but you might like to pack some makeup as well. Lip balm, facial moisturiser, toothbrush and toothpaste. And maternity pads.

7. Muslin wraps or blankets for baby

You probably have a few specias ones waiting to wrap up your precious new bundle. Bring them to the hospital to keep baby warm when having cuddles or in the bassinet.

8. One or two little outfits for baby

You might be staying in hospital longer than one day especially if you had a caesarean birth so you might want to take a few little onesies to dress baby in each day and night.

9. A coming home outfit for yourself and baby

Again yours should be comfortable, but still make you feel nice. Baby should wear something super cute. Choose one of your favourites!

A few bonus things to include:

Your phone charger.

Thongs for the hospital shower.

A pillow if you would prefer your own, or an extra one.

A nursing pillow if you need.

Paperwork (insurance etc) if any.

And don’t forget to have the baby capsule installed in the car BEFORE you go into labour so nobody has to race around and organise it.

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