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Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil 190 Caplets

Item Code: 266673

  • A rich source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an important omega-6 fatty acid that can only be produced by the body in small amounts.
  • Foods rich in GLA include flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
  • Some people may not get enough GLA in their diet, therefore supplementation may be beneficial.
  • Low levels of GLA have been found in women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and in adults and children with atopic eczema (dermatitis).

  • Always read the label.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Active ingredients per capsule: Evening Primrose oil (EPO) 1g(1000mg) Providing: gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) 100mg.
  • No added yeast, gluten, wheat, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweetners.