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Able Ultrasonic Vaporiser & Air Purifier

Item Code: 269553

  • The Able Ultrasonic Vaporiser, Ioniser and Air Purifier is designed to assist in relieving symptoms associated with a dry cough, throat and nose congestion and breathing problems.
    The Ioniser function helps to purify the air and remove air borne pollutants that can trigger respiratory infections.
    Using the Able Ultrasonic Vaporiser in conjunction with the Able Essential Oil will provide relief against symptoms caused by allergies and colds.

  • Always read the instructions and use only as directed.
  • Recommended to use 3 to 5 drops of 'Able Essential Oil' directly into the water.
  • Do not use citrus oils in this product.
  • Can only be used with pure essential oils.
  • Refer to pack instructions.